August 2015

Welcome to my web site.

This has taken a long time to come to fruition, but I think I’m going to be happy with it – except that it’s not pink enough. The WordPress theme I chose will let me change the colours, but only if I fork out more cash, and I’ve done enough of that over the last few months getting ready to go to England. And I’m not going to try another theme. Each time I’ve done that I’ve more or less had to start from scratch.

And I’ll let you into a secret. I much prefer desktop publishing to web publishing. If your desktop publishing programme behaves as it should (which is why I don’t use Word), then once you’ve put a photo or a bit of text in its place it stays in place! Unlike this where you try a new theme and more or less have to start from scratch.

Now… why have I created a web site?

Over the past few years, ever since we went to New Plymouth in 2007, I’ve created a blog to give friends and family the opportunity to experience my travels along with me. This web site is to enable me to link all these blogs into one, easy to find, location. That’s all it does. Don’t expect any more…

At the moment.

(However I have included a quick link to my Thunderbirds’ stories, but if you’re not a Thunderbirds’ fan, you won’t be interested in that.)

You can access my previous blogs through the originally named “Travel Blogs” menu item. I know it makes it tricky, but once there it pays to go to the end of the blog and work your way back (or forward in time since the latest entry is the first one you’ll see). Look on the right side of the screen and you’ll find a table of contents (or a list of dates). Choose the bottom one.

And I suppose I should apologise in advance for any errors in spelling, grammar, or fact. Each of these was produced on the fly, while the events were fresh in my mind, and I was possibly as keen on getting some sleep as writing up the day’s activities! And remember that this was as much a record for me, as it was a communication with you, so some of it will be less interesting than others.

🙂 Sereena

PS: If you’re thinking of creating a web site of your own and you want some help, then don’t ask me!

Keep Calm IR II

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