Mountain hunting

We’re off to Taranaki (well at least New Plymouth) again. Will we see the mythical mountain this time? I tried to find a photo from last time to use as the blog header – and that was an epic fail. (As I think it may be this time, judging by the weather forcast. I’ll have to keep my camera at my hip for emergency shooting.)

That’s not really the reason why we’re going. It’s because Uncle Fred (and if you’ve read my 2007 blog, you’ll know about Uncle Fred) was a Taranaki Historian. We inherited what remained of his collection, and donated what we could to Puke Ariki – The Taranaki museum.

Earlier this year we were interviewed on camera by Puke Ariki (yes, TV stars again) as a part of their centennial exhibition about why people have donated to Puke Ariki. We were invited to the launch of the exhibition – about two days before it happened – so we reluctantly declined the invitation. But this coming week there are celebrations commemorating 100 years of Taranaki Museusm, so we thought we’d put our efforts into attending that. And so we’re going to Auckland tomorrow, New Plymouth Sunday, and spending a week there. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload my blog, and photos (of Mount Taranaki?) daily.


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