2015 England Intinerary

As the incentive to create this web site is because I’m heading back to England again, I thought you’d like to see my itinerary, so you can keep track of where I am and what I’m up to.

The reason why I’m heading back to England is because “Thunderbirds” is 50 – on the 30th September 2015 to be exact. And also because the new series “Thunderbirds Are Go!” (created with computer graphics along with models made at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop) was released this year – 25th April 2015 in New Zealand. Because of these events I thought that I couldn’t miss this year’s “Fanderson” – fans of Gerry Anderson’s productions – convention. On top of that there are three episodes being made using the original “Supermarionation” puppetry techniques and original 1965/6 “mini-albums”. These were stories released on vinyl records, recorded by the voice cast from the TV series. So it’s an exciting year for the Thunderbirds fan.

(What I should be doing is painting the house, which’ll probably cost as much as flying halfway around the world and having a 3.5 week holiday.)

All dates and times correct for whatever time zone I’m in.

22/09/15 – 9:40pm – Air New Zealand flight NZ2 to LA International
– arrive 22/09/15 – 2:55pm

22/09/15 – 4:55pm – Air New Zealand flight NZ2 to London Heathrow
– arrive 23/09/15 – 11:25am

23/09/15 – 1:55pm – British Airways BA1394 to Manchester
– arrive 23/09/15 – 2:55pm

26/09/15 – 9:40am – Arriva Trains Wales – Shrewsbury to Newport Gwent
– arrive 11:27am

26/09/15 – 11:44am – First Great Western – Newport Gwent to Bath Spa
– arrive 12:34pm


28/09/15 – 10:35am – First Great Western – Bath Spa to Portsmouth Harbour
– arrive 12:54pm


30/09/15 – 10:12am – Southern – Portsmouth Harbour to London Victoria
– arrive 12:17pm

2nd-4th October FANDERSON Convention! Maidenhead.

05/10/15 – 2:35pm – Virgin Trains East Coast – London Kings Cross to Leeds
– arrive 4:48pm


10/10/15 – 10:11am – Crosscountry (train) – Leeds to Birmingham New Street
– arrive 12:08pm

10/10/15 – 12:30pm – Virgin Trains – Birmingham New Street to Coventry
– arrive 12:50pm

11/10/15 – 4:22pm – London Midland – Bletchley to Birmingham International
– arrive 5:47pm

11/10/15 – 6:07pm – Arriva Trains Wales – Birmingham International to Shrewsbury
– arrive 7:19pm


15/10/15 – 8:15am – Arriva Trains Wales – Wem to Crewe
– arrive 8:53am

15/10/15 – 9:25am – Virgin Trains – Crewe to London Euston
– arrive 11:05am

15/10/15 – 3:15pm – Virgil Atlantic VS250 to Shanghai Pudong, China
– arrive 16/10/15 – 9:40am
Freudian slip?

16/10/15 – 2:15pm – Air New Zealand NZ288 to Auckland, New Zealand!
– arrive 17/10/15 – 6:50am


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