Final stretch

We’ve made it home safely, and I’ve spent all afternoon unpacking, reading over 100 emails, and posting the last two days’ blogs. As today wasn’t so interesting, I’ll hold off posting it until tomorrow.

Night, night.

This is how interesting today was. I’ve already typed it up and it’s only 10:42pm

I had a good night’s sleep.

I had planned on having a shower this morning. I was about to step in when I saw all the hairs on the bottom of the cubicle floor. That, plus the fact that the soap from the last user was still in the soap tray, made us both decide to simply have a sponge bath.

Breakfast was a Nice and Natural peanut bar covered with chocolate. It was nice, as stated on the label, but not that healthy. And neither were the two Milk Arrowroot biscuits that were best before October 2012. (D.C. had brought them from home. We’re not big biscuit eaters.)

9:20am we were sitting in MacDonalds having hot cakes with for breakfast. Still not healthy – but tasty.

10:20am we were sitting in Denny’s, hoping for a fruit salad or something healthy. D.C. ended up having a banana split (“The banana’s fruit”) and I had broccoli salad – lettuce, onion, tomato, diced bacon, and of course broccoli.


Remember the Downtown Shopping Centre on Queen Elizabeth Square? This is it. It’s being bulldozed for the inner city rail loop.

11:20am we were standing over at the bus terminus at SkyCity. The driver kindly let us put our bags on board, which was good of him and meant we could relax. We had a chat with a young lady who’s visiting New Zealand from “China – Tibet”. She’s going to the Miranda Shorebird Centre for a few days. I hope the weather’s good for her. Because it was our winter she’d bought a puffer jacket and pants – and has been too hot.

The bus trip home was good, except it had started to rain when we got to Thames. The bus driver enquired if someone was meeting us, and I said we didn’t have far to go and that if we got wet, we’d be home and could get changed.

We didn’t get wet.

And were home by 2.30pm. I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking my bags, reading over 100 emails, and updating my blog.

The next door neighbour’s cat, Hillary, has got her nose seriously out of joint because her “mother’s” mother’s cat’s moved in. She therefore prefers to spend more time at our place than their’s. Not that she gets any food or anything; just company. She’s been locked out for the last week and, on her mother’s request, we were going to keep her locked out. But she was yowling at the window and we couldn’t say know. So she came in and slobbered all over us and the keyboard.

The Pink Purrer’s working well. I fired her up and motored down to the Thai restaurant to buy us some tea for this evening. We ate it watching two episodes of The Chase.

And then came back to more emails and blogs.

Better get off to bed. Until the next trip…

F-A-B. 🙂

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